Beater bar pulleys

Belt conveyor component

Pulleys are one of the types of belt conveyor equipment. They are in charge of the belt tension, the change of its direction, are good for contact with the belt and finally ensure continuous operation of the whole system.

A belt conveyor pulley consists of a cylindrical shell, a shaft, a cast steel disk and a clamping set. If necessary, it can be completed with other elements. It is possible to manufacture pulleys with removable plates allowing to replace the lagging without dismantling the pulley from the conveyor.

The production of pulleys with a bearing of series 35 was mastered. The shaft can be connected to the hub through the key or by means of a clamping set that allows making a structure dismountable and repairable.


1. Manufacturing for any widths of belts of different diameters

2. Optimal terms and costs of manufacturing 

3. Possibility to manufacture in accordance with the customer’s drawings.

4. The strength analysis in Nastran — leading world finite-element system that allows obtaining optimal analysis data and results. 

5. The equipment is produced at the production site where the extensive retrofitting and upgrading have been performed. It allowed improving the product accuracy and quality. Learn more about the project in the RAZUM News section.

What do you have to consider when purchasing?

When selecting a contractor you should take into account the following parameters: experience, production range, manufacture and delivery period, possibility to meet individual requirements. JSC “SIA “Akonit” focuses on work with specific customer’s requirements. In addition, the production site has arranged and implemented a multi-stage system for monitoring components manufacturing. Therefore, the manufacturer ensures a consistent quality of production, its reliability and high performances.

You can get advice and order the equipment for the belt conveyors by phone +7 (8172) 20-90-16. The price will be determined on an individual basis depending on manufacturing period and a requested batch.

Technical specifications
250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000 мм
Belt width
from 400 to 2000 mm
rubber, low-combustible rubber, rubber-ceramic and metal-ceramic

JSC “SIA “Akonit” manufactures 4 types of components: drive pulleys, non-drive pulleys, pulleys with disks and beater bar pulleys. A drive pulley ensures the belt movement in the stationary belt conveyor. To ensure a more reliable connection with the belt the shell of the pulley is lagged with rubber. A non-drive pulley protects the belt against slipping, uncontrolled stops, and it is intended to change the belt  direction on the horizontal conveyors.


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