Rail-mounted belt conveyor


Rail-mounted belt conveyor is a continuously operating self-propelled unit. It is installed on the rail tracks that ensure the possibility of reverse motion. The rail-mounted belt conveyor allows to transport bulk and lump materials up to 300 mm in size.

Scope of application of the belt conveyor

The rail-mounted belt conveyor has proven itself to be very efficient in transportation of coal, ore, construction materials, soil, etc. it is used in mining, construction, metallurgy, electric-power industry.

The Company has a great experience in designing and manufacturing such types of industrial conveyor systems. The first rail-mounted belt conveyor was supplied in 2011 for Stoilensky GOK. JSC “SIA “Akonit” assets include more than 30 rail-mounted conveyors which are successfully operated at different Russian enterprises.

Parameters of the rail-mounted belt conveyor
  1. Discharge in several hoppers in accordance with the process needs.
  2. Suitable for different types of loads: bulk and lump.
  3. High performance indicators (at a speed of 10 m/s and with a width of 2.4–3.0 m the conveyor transfers up to 20–30 thousand tons of loads per hour).
  4. Service life is up to 50 years.
  5. Can be controlled automatically
Main assembly units of the rail-mounted belt conveyors
  • Conveyor belt is the main and the most expensive element of the conveyor which acts simultaneously as a carrying and pulling mechanism.
  • Idlers are intended to support the belt and to shape it as required.
  • Tensioning devices put the belt under tension sufficient to transfer the pulling force by friction on the drive during steady-state motion and start of the conveyor. They limit the belt sag between the idlers, compensate the belt elongation resulting from its drawing during operation.
  • The belt conveyor drive consists of a support frame of special design, driving and bend pulleys, gear boxes, braking devices, couplings, different equipment, etc.
  • Support steel structures.
  • Feed and discharge devices. Feeding and discharge of the belt conveyor according to the process requirements can be done in any point throughout the length of the belt loaded strand path.
  • Devices for cleaning the belt and the pulley ensure the normal operation of the conveyor and increase the belt service life.


Technical specifications
Maximum size of lump
up to 300 mm
The rail-mounted belt conveyor is intended for transportation of bulk loads.
Operating temperature range
from– 30°С to + 50°С
Material conveyance speed
up to 4 m/s

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