How do the activities are realized on the machinery manufacturing plant

The Design Department simultaneously cooperates with all manufacturing sites. Thanks to the modern technologies and the software the Company personnel even being in different cities, far away from one another, working in different time zones are located in a single information field. The total number of highly professional design engineers is more than 40 persons: creative and passionate professionals.

The Chief Designer Department consists of some subdivisions:

  1. Operational Development Sector
  2. Advanced Development Sector
  3. Control Sector
  4. Design Automation Sector

Operational Development Sector

Solves problems related to design of equipment for transportation of bulk materials. Here the specialists finish the technical specifications received from technical managers of the New Technology Department (NTD). This department performs in-depth development and design of equipment for further production with finalizing all customer’s requests.

Advanced Development Sector

Focused on development of the new and the most high-tech solutions of different industries where the use of new ideas for conveyor equipment is possible.  This department studies and uses global advanced design trends. The Company plans to realize these developments in the very near future. Many of these developments are designed to solve individual problems of customers.

Additional restraints and temporary delays are excluded due to the direct work of designers with design documentation together with project executives and managers.

Control Sector

Any finished equipment passes two inspection stages at the plant.

The in-process control involves the inspection of conveyor equipment manufacturing processes and checking of solution manufacturability for customer. It ensures the cost savings in materials, working hours, reduces operating costs.

Compliance assessment is a checking of completeness and quality of design and technical documentation for compliance with company requirements, state certification standards, etc. If qualitative documents are available our customers can perform installation and assembly works of equipment manufactured and supplied by our Company on their own efforts.

Design Automation Sector

Performs the design automation of standard parts, their unification, development of macros, modules using the AUTODESK Inventor software.

Works on creation of the Library of Technical Solution Standardization for Conveyor Equipment which will allow to speed up the design process in times: from 10–20 days now to 1 day in future.

The design of conveyor equipment is realized by means of 3D modelling using the BIM-technologies in the construction. The digital models of conveyor equipment developed by our design engineers are implemented into the construction solutions that allows as early as at the design stage correct discrepancies, eliminate errors, perform tests.

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Design Department