Clamp-forming machines


The clamp-forming machine can be used in fully-mechanized warehouses and beet receiving stations of sugar beet plants, interim storage pads with hard coatings.

Principle of operation: the beet passing through the adjusting gate valve is fed by the belt conveyor to the impurity trap. The separated and free impurities in the beat mass are fed to the chute and then conveyed to the transport and the beat rolls down along the gravity chute to the inlet hopper of the stacker conveyor and then to the pile. The chevron belt of the stacker conveyor is driven by two gear motors which are aligned with the driven pulley in the upper part of the arm.


  1. Used in the sheltered warehouses
  2. High reliability of mechanism
  3. Automated self-propelled packaged system
  4. Reduces the beet damage during the processing
Technical specifications
Stocking the bet into clamps
Percent of beet peelings
up to 60%
Percent of beet damage
up to 5%
Operating temperature range
from – 15°С to + 30°С
Material conveyance speed
up to 0.4 km/h
Modern equipment for sugar production: there is the solution!

Today the sugar mill and refinery plants are challenged with needs for replacement and retrofitting of the equipment. The existing machine pool can not ensure the full solving of problems of gathering and transportation of raw materials for production, it requires resources for repair. At the same time the surplus production and the decrease of customer demand have been observed in the industry. What shall we do?

One of solutions belongs to reduction of costs for manufacturing processes. The bane of any sugar production is the equipment which is a cause of increase in losses during transportation and transfer of sugar beet. The modern clamp-forming machines developed by designers of JSC “SIA “Akonit” are reliable and cost-effective and most importantly they allow to significantly mitigate the losses when transporting and transferring the beet. The piling technology is such that it prevents the beet damage and preserves the product and therefore increases the processing quality.

How to purchase clamp-forming machines at a profit?

It is possible to do with financial assets which are allocated according to the Regulation No. 547 of the Government of the Russian Federation on granting federal subsidy to manufacturers of special-purpose machines and equipment. The specialists of JSC “SIA “Akonit” are ready to give free legal advice on preparation and drawing up of all required documents to receive state grants.

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