2022: anniversary of SIA"Akonit"

In early 2022, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. SIA Akonit started as a small regional production facility of conveyors. In 20 years, the company has grown into a large federal-level machine-building company, offering customers state-of-the-art solutions for bulk materials transportation.


Директор НПО Аконит Викторов Дмитрий
Dmitrii Viktorov, Director of SIA"Akonit"

 Dmitrii Viktorov, Director of SIA"Akonit":

- Our philosophy is based on the desire to offer our customers the best and most profitable solution. We are not afraid of challenging tasks, and we are grateful to customers for them. You are welcome to approach us with any projects and tasks. We are ready to work on them.


SIA "Akonit" is one of the first companies that started to implement the projects for overland conveyors and IPCC in Russia.  Currently, 2 long-distance conveyors are being installed (the total length is about 3 km) at MMC Udokan in Transbaikal, where the largest copper deposit will be developed. The evidence of a successful cooperation with Udokan Copper and the customer's trust is the recent winning of the tender for the construction engineering of the boiler house in the same project.


Also, together with "UZTM", we are taking part in the implementation of the IPCC system at Mikhailovsky GOK. Now there is a stage of detailed study of the units by the designers of SIA "Akonit". This is a unique project for Russia, and participation in it confirms the high level of both the company's products and its competencies.


The range of products and the list of services for customers is constantly expanding. The focus is on the development of cooperation with sea and river ports. Last year a ship loader was designed and manufactured for one of the largest sea ports in the Far East. Also, these companies are interested in the company's experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for storage facilities: reclaimers.


Expanding the product range means expanding geography as well. The equipment of SIA "Akonit" is successfully operated in the Far North, the Far East, Central Russia and in foreign countries.


And the production base is also expanding. The existing production sites in Vologda, Kirov, and Tatarstan will soon be joined by another one. In its anniversary year, the company will open a plant for the production of steel structures and idlers of formed elements. The design of the idlers has been improved by SIA "Akonit", and the innovation has already been highly appreciated by the customers. Such a project is not the only one. The company's specialists are now working on optimizing the belt conveyor design.


All this is done for the convenience of customers. We are grateful to them for the opportunity to participate in major, innovative, socially significant initiatives, we appreciate the trust, and therefore offer the most advanced solutions, many of which are designed individually, for a particular project.


What the company has become in 20 years, what it is working on and how the highest quality is achieved, each customer can see personally, visiting the manufacturing sites and the company's office. Our doors are always open, and the team of Akonit is ready to assist.