Overland conveyors

What is an overland conveyor system and what distinguishes it from typical extended conveyors?

We often talk and write about overland conveyors. And then we ask ourselves - what is it? What makes it different from typical conveyors? What are these technologies that have been talked about so much in the market lately?

Modern technologies provide a clear definition of the overland conveyor system. Specifications:

Length - over 1 km with a belt width of 1200 mm or more;
Belt speed - 2.5 m/s and above;
Capacity - from 1500 t/h and above;
It has a complex automation system with access to the high level control;
It is intended for work at low temperatures (to - 50 °C).


монтаж магистрального конвейера ведет компания Аконит
GROSS deposit, Yakutia, 2019. Installation of equipment carried out by SIA Akonit

Overland conveyors can serve as an alternative to dump trucks used in quarries and workings. They have nonuniplanar bendings horizontally and vertically. They are usually paired with a crusher and can transport waste (waste rock) along the return side. Stackers and reclaimers are also often used in the process chain.

конвейер Аконит
Drive station and take-up station section of the overland conveyor designed and manufactured by SIA Akonit in 2021

They have a high weight and a long operating life of components. The service life of the basic components (pulleys) is 25 years (subject to regular maintenance). Rollers and idlers should have no more than 1-1.5% failure per year of their total number on the conveyor; the service life of bearing assemblies is 50 thousand hours. The drive group has a service life of 5 years before overhaul, 10 years -  total service life.

For all components, metal input inspection and non-destructive inspection of critical welds, as well as tests for impact strength at low temperatures, regardless of the suppliers' certificates, are mandatory.

It is these criteria that we will adhere to when describing technologies and concepts on our website.


конвейер Аконит
Installation of an overland conveyor under the project Udocan copper, January 2022

We are constantly looking for new technologies and techniques that can improve our products and, by and large, move the industry forward. And now our specialists, together with scientists from the University of Magdeburg (Germany) and MISIS (Moscow), are busy preparing a fundamental scientific work dedicated to the generations of conveyors and, in general,  to the development of conveyor transport and overland conveyors.

Soon we will start posting parts of this research on our website - stay tuned! We can say for sure that no one has done this before us