Screw conveyor


The conveyor is a stationary transfer unit. The working body is a screw that transmits the progressive motion to material. The screw arrangement in the enclosure allows isolating the moving materials from the environment that reduces losses and prevents the dust and smell dispersion.

Scope of Application

The bucket elevators are intended for vertical transportation of powdery, granulated and small-sized lump (up to 40 mm) bulk loads which are not chemically aggressive and characterized with a level of bulk density not more than 2.0 tons per meter and a temperature not more than 150 deg. C and used at enterprises of chemical, metallurgy, machine-building, mining and other industries of the Russian agroindustrial complex.

The elevators are in accordance with the climatic version U of the environmental class 1 and operating conditions in atmosphere which in terms of corrosivity corresponds to Group 2 as per GOST 15150. They can be used outdoor, under shelter and in production premises at a temperature from -40 С to + 40 С and a relative humidity up to 100%, including in premises that in terms of fire hazard belong to Category B according to SNiP II-90-81 and in terms of explosion hazard — to Class V-IIа according to PUE-2000.


  1. Straight line motion for transportation of bulk materials
  2. Universal for different types of bulk materials
  3. Environmentally friendly equipment


Technical specifications
The mobile / rotary belt conveyor is used in the conveyor system during handling and transportation of bulk loads to change the direction of the material flow..
The idlers are supplied together with conveyor rollers. It is possible to supply the idlers without rollers.
Transportation length
up to 30 m
up to 90 m3/h
Completed project