SIA "Akonit" - a machine-building company

The company specializes in integrated solutions in the field of bulk materials transportation, design, manufacturing of conveyor equipment. One of the goals is to create a factory of smart solutions, when the customer is offered a full package of services to implement the project from the design and development of technical solutions to commissioning of the manufactured equipment. The company cooperates with enterprises of metallurgical, chemical, coal, energy industries from more than 65 regions of Russia.

Conveyor systems and components are used for storaging the materials during loading and unloading in ports, terminals, in the extraction of coal, gold and non-metallic materials. We have created our own design solutions for loading sugar beets and in the field of waste management.

Why cooperate with us?

We work on a turnkey basis and strive to automate processes at all stages. Design, creation and verification of strength dynamic calculations are performed in CAD-, CAM-, CAE-systems. Implementation of BIM technologies enables to accurately calculate all aspects directly affecting the efficiency of the production process and to reduce the design period. In this way, we save the two most important resources for our customers: time and money.

Company structure

The main units and components for conveyor equipment: pulleys, rollers, steel structures, tension stations are manufactured under the strict control of the company's specialists. We purchase the necessary components from trusted manufacturers. Dealer agreements are concluded with the majority of the components manufacturers, which gives an advantage in terms of price and lead time. The Purchasing Department visits all production facilities and is very picky about the additional equipment supplied. This guarantees the timely installation of only high-quality and proven components.

Production stages:
  • Receipt of a request from a customer
  • Search for a joint optimal solution to the issue (lead time, budget, particularities of the project)
  • Design and manufacture of equipment
  • Installation (if there is this condition in the contract) / installation supervision
  • After-sales service
  • Consulting and various consultancy services
The quality of work at all stages is ensured by:
  • Sales and New Technology Department
  • Design Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Quality Department
  • Installation and Commissioning Department
  • APCS Department
  • Purchasing Department

Менеджеры отдела ОНТ
Managers of New Technology Department

Why JSC "SIA Akonit" is one of the largest machine-building enterprises in Russia?

  1. All production sites are equipped with modern equipment and software that allows us to implement any customer tasks and find optimal solutions in the shortest possible time.
  2. Technical solutions are developed in Autodesk Inventor. The applied BIM-technologies (Building Information Modeling) - information modeling in construction, provide effective data management for any installation . Having our own Design Department and technical solutions library allows us to find the best answers in the shortest possible time and implement the latest technologies in customer projects.
  3. "Turnkey" implementation: conducting surveys, preparing project documentation, engineering and technical preparation of construction, construction. Rapid mobilization of own resources in the shortest possible time.
  4. Automation and equipment automation (APCS). When calculating automation for conveyor equipment, individual customer requirements are taken into account for any budget. The high competencies of the staff allow us to offer unlimited possibilities for the development of a preliminary design, the development of project documentation and the management of automation projects.

Manufacturing of conveyor belts

Manufacturing of belt conveyors, based on modern engineering solutions, enables to get high-quality equipment to ensure smooth operation of the facility. These are the technologies that have been used since 2006 by design engineers of SIA Akonit in the belt conveyors manufacturing. Our products, effective in any operating conditions, are made for mining, coal, energy industry, metallurgy, metro construction, etc.

Designing to meet the challenges of your business

Manufacturing of belt conveyors begins with data processing and the development of basic technical solutions. For this purpose, our engineers rely on the following parameters: operating conditions of the equipment, temperature conditions, climatic conditions, characteristics of the transported material, conveyor operation mode, etc. Of no small importance is the specifics of the customer. For example, for belt conveyors in the chemical industry, where the environment is very aggressive, great care is taken to the coating of equipment to avoid rust and corrosion.


We understand that these parameters are specific for each company, therefore we carefully calculate and check each drawing, offering optimal and modern technologies for the production of belt conveyors.

Specialists control the manufacturing process at the production sites of our partners, monitoring every stage: from the selection of materials and components to installation supervision at the customer’s site.

Production of all kinds of belt conveyors

The production sites produce belt conveyors tailored to the individual needs of mining companies:

  • Stationary belt conveyor
  • Rail-mounted belt conveyor
  • Mobile/slewing belt conveyor
  • Steeply inclined belt conveyor with corrugated sideboards
  • Underground belt conveyor

You can find a detailed description, technical specifications and examples of the use of each type of belt conveyors on the website of SIA Akonit.

From design to commissioning

In addition to the high-skilled design and manufacture of belt conveyor, our experts perform a full range of works on the implementation of equipment at the customer's facility.

How we will be useful to you:

  1. We perform engineering surveys and study.
  2. We draw up design and detail engineering documentation.
  3. We carry out design supervision.
  4. We perform all kinds of construction and installation works, as evidenced by the relevant licenses, permits and authorizations.
  5. We carry out commissioning and quality control inspection of equipment.
  6. We take on the functions of a technical customer, respecting the budget, deadlines and quality of construction at all stages of the project.
  7. We develop design documentation.
  8. We supply non-standard equipment.
  9. We carry out installation supervision.
  10. We assist with the training of your staff.
  11. We bring the equipment to its design capacity with technical assistance during the warranty and post-warranty period.

With us you can be sure that your bulk material handling equipment will work smoothly!

JSC "SIA Akonit" strives to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to meet current and future challenges. Our production of belt conveyors allows you to receive equipment as soon as practicable, aimed at increasing the efficiency of your company. Call: +7 (8172) 20-90-16 or contact us by email .

Delivery of conveyor rollers on the territory of Russia

The delivery time for components of conveyor equipment is one of the most pressing issues for customers. Most often, rollers for belt conveyors are needed within short timeframes due to repair and replacement. SIA "Akonit" offers the customers several options.

The first is delivery by efforts of the company. We cooperate with a large number of logistics companies, and therefore the cost of the service will be optimal. We also should highlight that a new plant for the production of conveyor rollers was built near Moscow -the main transport hub. LAPR is located in the Republic of Tatarstan - this is a convenient transport "junction", from where it is possible to deliver the products to any point in Russia in the best time for the customers.

The second option is self-delivery from the warehouse (EXW).

Another important nuance is the cost of delivery. A very common situation is when it is included in the total price of the batch. In this case, the customer cannot see the real cost of components and compare it and choose the option that suits him. We take this into account and, at the request of the customer, we can calculate the cost of delivery and indicate it separately.

SIA "Akonit" is aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation and constantly develops the services for the customers. With us you can choose the delivery of conveyor rollers in Russia that suits your company.

For more questions, please call +7 (8172) 20-90-16.