Production of steel structures

Steel structures for the equipment of SIA "Akonit" are manufactured at local production sites. Thus, the need for steel is 100% covered on our own.

Steel structures are currently produced at 2 factories: in Vologda and Kirov. In the assortment: conveyor flights, idlers, hoppers, drive stations, etc.

Standard steel structures are produced at the site in Kirov, non-standard (including custom-made) - at the site in Vologda. Production capacities make it possible to produce steel structures of any complexity at a high technological level.

A careful control is carried out to ensure high quality of finished products in production.  Typical rolled metal products are used in production, as well as up-to-date types of profiles.

The specialists of the company are constantly working on improving the designs. One example is a lightweight idler, which weight is reduced by more than 30% compared with the typical design. Such developments have a positive impact on the timing and cost of orders.

The company is also currently preparing to open another production site, which will produce steel structures. A plant for the production of steel structures in the Republic of Tatarstan will be launched , which, together with the already operating plant for the production of conveyor rollers will form a production chain with uniform product quality requirements and monitoring systems.