Steeply inclined conveyor with corrugated belt


Vertical Belt Conveyor (steeply inclined) is designed for transportation of various bulk cargoes. The tilt angle of the middle part - from 18 to 90 degrees. A conveyor belt with corrugated sideboards and cleats, the height and dimensions of which depend on the characteristics of the transported product, is used as a traction body. It is used in mining, extraction, coal, food, chemical and other industries.

Steeply inclined conveyors are used to move small lumps and bulk materials of different fractions - from powder to 300 mm - both horizontally and vertically. The vertical lift can move cargo to a height of more than 100 meters, the capacity of the system is up to 3000 tons per hour.

The use of a corrugated belt prevents material from spilling or rolling over.

In the design of Z-type conveyor systems, the company offers highly reliable and durable belts made of rubber or polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane through cooperation with leading component manufacturers (ConBelt).

The corrugated sideboard has a height of 40 to 400 mm. It is made of heavy-duty rubber and may have internal reinforcements for strength.

Conveyors are covered along their entire length with special covers to prevent dusting of the material.

Over the years we have implemented projects for supply of steeply inclined conveyor equipment with capacity from 20 to 1000 tons per hour in Moscow, Taganrog, Republic of Sakha, Altai region, Magadan region, as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Belarus . Most of the projects are 90° inclined conveyors.


  1. It makes it possible to operate under the "Top Down" technology, simultaneously performing ground and underground work, which enables to reduce the project timeline by up to 30%. 
  2. The vertical conveyor together with the transfer unit and a stockpile conveyor ensures transportation of rock to the surface.
  3. Steeply inclined conveyor equipment makes it possible to significantly reduce the conveying length at the same lifting height, and reduce the amount of mining and capital operations.
  4. Corrugated sideboards and cleats prevent spillage of the material. When made with intermediate reinforcement these conveyors are able to transport heavier loads.
  5. Ability to transport both dry and wet cargo.
Technical specifications
Transportation of cargo to the surface
Belt width
up to 2000 mm
Up to 3000 t/h
Lifting height
over 100 m
Lifting angle
18 to 90 degrees
Completed project