Rollers production

SIA"Akonit" is the exclusive partner of the plant for the production of conveyor rollers in the SEZ "Alabuga" (Tatarstan, Yelabuga). The plant "Akonit-Ural" is focused on the production of 1 million rollers per year. Manufacturers rely on product quality, which will increase the service life of components by 2 times compared to counterparts on the market.

The construction and completion of the plant began in August 2019. At the end of October 2020, the plant was officially put into operation. Akonit-Ural is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.

Conveyor rollers production 


Technological solutions used in production are developed by specialists of JSC "SIA "Akonit" and are patented, including the design of the bearing protective unit (a labyrinth seal).

The focus is on the simplicity of the roller design and improved product characteristics: radial runout, axial play, antitorque moment. Quality control at all production stages:
 - careful selection of suppliers of components;
 - increased requirements to electric-welded pipes in terms of ovality ;
 - Interoperational control of workpieces and finished parts: at the area of pipes cutting, stamping, axles processing , checking of components for compliance with GOST.


Welding unit
Installation and welding of bearing housings into the prepared pipe is equipped with four welding robots.

Аконит - линия сварки конвейерных роликов
Photo 1. Robotic welding line

Disk Preparation Unit
Automatic line for straightening and calibration of a disk is used for calibration operations in order to improve the characteristics of the original rolled disk: curvature, ovality, surface finish.

Аконит Урал - производство роликов конвейерных
Photo 2. Robotized assembly line for conveyor rollers

Bearing housing stamping unit
Cutting out a disk from the sheet and its subsequent stamping to form a "bearing housing" is carried out with the help of the press, where the system for unwinding a roll and feeding it to the cutting area, a system of automatic movement of blanks are involved.

Аконит-Урал блок штамповки корпуса подшипника
Photo 3. Bearing housing stamping line

Roller axle machining unit
Axles are machined mechanically on lathes (China) with a central spindle and two turret cutters. Axle journals are machined on both sides simultaneously to ensure perfect alignment of the bearing seats.

Pipe machining unit
Equipped with a pipe cutting and a pipe-chamfering line complete with automated workpiece storage.

Roller assembly unit
 The assembly of a pipe welded with bearing housings with the rest of the roller components: an axle, a bearing, labyrinth seals is carried out on an automatic assembly line for conveyor rollers, followed by automatic control of the output parameters of the roller.

Roller painting and drying unit
Automatic painting line for conveyor rollers: application of paint coating on the rollers and their subsequent drying is carried out in a special chamber. The chamber is equipped with robots for loading and robots for painting.

Аконит-Урал линия покраски и сушки конвейерных роликов
.Photo 4. Painting and drying line for conveyor rollers

Packaging unit
Stacking of finished products on europallets, strapping and wrapping with a stretch film is carried out on the automatic packaging line for conveyor rollers.

Аконит-Урал линия упаковки конвейерных роликов
Photo 5. Roller packaging line

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завод Аконит производство роликов
Production of conveyor rollers in Russia

Conveyor rollers: how to buy profitably

The roller is a conveyor component that plays an important role in the efficiency and smooth operation of the equipment. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the designated service life of the rollers for the conveyor. On average it is 1.5-2 years on the market.

SIA"Akonit" offers rollers with a service life twice as long! This is achieved, among other things, through a system of monitoring and control over the manufacture of conveyor rollers at each production area.


Organization of conveyor rollers production

At the new plant for the production of rollers in Tatarstan, modern equipment has been installed and a multi-stage control system has been introduced. It begins at the stage of raw materials and materials acceptance, which are checked for compliance with GOST.

Particular attention is paid to the input control of the bearings for the conveyor rollers. They are 100% tested on a specialized vibroacoustic unit at working and increased speeds. Interoperational control - at each technological process in automatic mode. Additionally laboratory tests of the components are carried out . This allows to be confident in the quality of products and ensure a longer service life of the rollers and the conveyor as a whole.

Conveyor rollers of the new plant have a price higher than the market price. However, it is fully compensated by reducing the cost of equipment maintenance and losses that the company could incur during the repair downtime. Over the next 6 years, the cost for the purchase of the rollers is also reduced, since they need to be purchased twice as rare.

Industrial production of rollers at the plant in Tatarstan was launched in the third quarter of 2020.

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