Pulley production

Among the production partner-sites of SIA Akonit is a site in Vologda, which specializes in the production of pulleys, drive and tension stations for all types of conveyors used in mining, chemical, gold mining, metallurgical, coal and other industries. 

Production of Akonit pulleys is focused on the production of reliable products with high performance. For this, technical modernisation of production sites was carried out and the machinery was upgraded.

SIA "Akonit" - pulleys and drive stations are made here (Project Ratio)

In 2018, a decision was made to retrofit the site. This was necessary due to the increasing demands of customers for product quality and project deadlines, and a tougher competition in the market. In order to maintain the leading position, it was necessary to upgrade the machinery.

The project was named RATIO.

производство барабанов Аконит
Retrofitted production site "RATIO", Vologda

An analysis of all production processes was carried out to determine the possibility of optimization. As a result, at the site, where 15 pieces of equipment and more than 30 specialists were involved, the specialists proposed to install modern multifunctional fully automated machining centers. Thus, the number of personnel and equipment has been reduced several times. 

Machines from DMG Mori (Germany) - one of the world's leading machine tool manufacturers- and other modern machine-tools were installed at the production facility.

на заводе Аконит
Modern multifunctional fully automated machining centers
конвейер Аконит
DMG Mori (Germany) machines, one of the world's leading machine-tool manufacturers
на заводе Аконит
Modern multifunctional fully automated machining centers

Applied equipment:

- 5-axis machining center DMC 80fd duo block with the function of a lathe and the possibility of vertical turning of steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminum;

на заводе Аконит
5-axis machining center DMC 80fd duo block

- CNC lathe with counter spindle and driven tool CLX-350 for working with small parts, which operates without human intervention and performs operations without reinstalling and fixing parts with the necessary accuracy. This improves the quality of products greatly . It turns steel, titanium, cast iron, aluminum;

на заводе Аконит
CNC lathe with counter spindle and driven tool CLX-350

- NLX-3000 turning center for turning pulley shafts. It is possible to turn large-sized parts weighing up to 5-6 tons. This equipment is unique for our country: only 2 such machines operate in the Russian Federation. And one of them is at the production site of SIA Akonit. The center turns various types of steel, titanium, hard alloys, non-ferrous metal, graphite, and magnets;

производство приводных барабанов
NLX-3000 Turning Center for pulley shaft turning

- CNC portal milling machine GMG 1630 with simultaneous control of 3 axes for processing large parts: milling, boring, drilling, direct threading. The maximum weight of the workpiece to be turned is 8 tons.

на заводе Аконит

- EDM machine DK7763ME-11 for manufacturing dies, molds, tools, equipment, machine parts, gears, sprockets, couplings, slotted and key grooves, knives and cutters. It can turn various types of steel, titanium, hard alloy, non-ferrous metal, graphite, aluminum, and magnets. 

In addition, the company began producing heavily loaded pulleys for overland (long-distance) conveyors using Doppstadt technology, which was acquired in 2021. The first batch of pulleys was made in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

на заводе Аконит
Production of pulleys for conveyor transport

SIA Akonit is focused on moving toward import substitution. That is why production sites and technologies are localized in Russia. This avoids breaking production chains and ensures that projects are completed on time.

барабаны футерованные
Production of pulleys of any size with lagging and without lagging according to the customer's specifications

Technical re-equipment will make it possible not only to reduce the production time, improve its quality, but also significantly increase the range of products. It is possible to manufacture a wide range of products for general industrial and special purposes on the new equipment. Contact us!

барабаны для конвейера
A wide range of products for general industrial and special purposes