Garland idlers

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Garland idler is an important component for the efficient equipment operation due to impact and dynamic load reduction on intermediate supports. Easy to install and de-install.


Belt width – 650 – 2000 mm

At the time of order it is necessary to consider the following:

  • belt width
  • conveyor table width
  • type of hanging device on the conveyor table
  • operation environment where the equipment is to be used.

We are also ready to produce idlers in accordance with specific and non-standard requirements.

Price is defined individually depending on quantity and production period. Delivery can be included as per Customer’s requirement


Mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical and other industries where conveyor equipment is used.

We are striving for manufacturing a conveyor roller to the highest quality standard and therefore we apply stringent quality requirements:

  • stringent requirements to the material used (incoming control)
  • 100% bearing check
  • in-process control at all stages of the technological process of roller production

All this ensures a long-term roller operation period without failures and replacement

Technical specifications


76-219 mm


650 – 2000 mm