Equipment for warehouses capable of operating in difficult aggressive conditions, technical solutions for the organization of transportation and storage of chemical production materials. Already working, solving customers' problems. Such references will be presented at the exhibition KHIMIA-2022 by the leader of the Russian mechanical engineering in the field of bulk materials transportation - SIA Akonit.

At the company's booth guests will learn about projects for manufacture and supply of equipment for various warehouses, which are designed by specialists of SIA "Akonit". We are talking about reclaimers of different configurations (side, gantry, half-portal), additional equipment for warehouse organization.

аконит реклаймер

- These are our own developments, made taking into account the specifics of the Russian market. For example, the equipment was designed taking into account the possibility of manufacturing in Russia and from the materials that are produced in our country. Thus, we solve the problem of import substitution on two levels at once: we offer our customers domestic equipment that can be manufactured and put into operation despite the geopolitical situation. This is especially important for the chemical industry, where equipment is very specific and high reliability and uninterrupted operation are expected from it - emphasized in SIA "Akonit".

It is also noted that the company is primarily aimed at integrated solutions for transportation and storage of bulk materials (organization of storage space). Specialists of SIA "Akonit" have a unique database and knowledge: in the last 3 years they visited audited over 100 Russian and foreign enterprises with reclaimers and warehouses. Now the company is ready to offer solutions based on experience and practical data, which will be really effective, aimed at increasing productivity. We are talking about the construction and modernization of warehouses and equipment, as well as the repair of equipment with the possible production of the necessary spare parts, the supply of which faced difficulties.

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Khimia-2022 will be held from October 31 to November 3 at Expocentre (Moscow). The company's booth is 22D71. You can also pre-arrange a meeting with specialists and leaders of SIA "Akonit" at a convenient time. Please send an request to