The Department of Construction and Installation Works has received additional permits and technical qualification documents allowing to perform welding and installation works for installation of technological equipment at industrial facilities.

The construction market is rapidly changing, and customers are now selecting contractors not for price, but for reliability, availability of logistics, experience of the staff, qualifications and ability to perform certain works, as evidenced by the relevant permits and authorizations.

For more than 7 years, our company has had a separate division that provides engineering, construction and installation services. During this time, relevant experience and competencies have been accumulated.

строительно-монтажные работы Аконит

Today the CIW Department has:   

- SRO approval for construction - 3rd level of responsibility (up to 3 billion rubles), design - 1st level of responsibility.

- Certified electrical laboratory up to and above 1,000 V.

- License of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment for buildings and structures.

- Certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9000.

строительно-монтажные работы Аконит

Welding technologies were certified in September:

Structural steel - SS p 1,3

Boiler equipment - BE p 1,2,4

Mining equipment - ME p. 1

Equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and fire and explosion industries - OKHNVP p. 16

Handling equipment - p. 14.

RTN (Rostekhnadzor) also certified the personnel with all the necessary permits, certification certificates, qualifications, experience, etc. The engineering personnel is included in the national register of NOSSTROY and NOPRIZ.

Even if the conveyor equipment was not purchased from SIA Akonit, but the customer needs services for its welding, installation and construction of industrial facilities, the CIW Department is ready to provide these services.

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строительно-монтажные работы Аконит

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